Meet Lindsay: The Founder

Fashion has a hold on Lindsay, and it won’t let go. She can’t even remember when it started... although she does remembers how put-together her grandma always was and how much she admired that! You could see how passionate she was about formulating a fashionable wardrobe.

In middle school, Lindsay convinced her two besties to pool their allowances to buy clothes and rotate the pieces between them. Like a sisterhood of the traveling pants... with on-trend, fashionable pieces! 

Fast-forward a few years: she finds her passion in styling and hones her discerning eye while working with a high-end boutique. She always nailed curating a collection for her clients (some of Columbus’ elite). She also had the unique opportunity to shop the top NYC showrooms and explored the world of vintage and consignment. In the midst of all this, she had a baby… and from that life shift, Mini Finds is born.

Now, Lindsay’s passionate about giving designer-label kids’ clothing a second life (and parents’/grandparents’ wallets a break).

The making of Mini Finds

Lindsay was savvy at styling Columbus’ elite — but it wasn’t until she had her first baby, Roy, that she noticed the lack of upscale, upcycled kids’ clothing. Fashion was important to her… but so was her budget. And the idea that she might put Roy in a new, light purple Polo only for him to spit up on it… gasp. So she started scouring resale shops and off-price department stores for just the right pieces for Roy's wardrobe — a job she was uniquely cut out for. And she’s basically hit “expert” level since adding Cora to her crew. Friends and family have been asking her to share her stash (and her expertise) for years. Now, with Mini Finds, she’s sharing regular drops of the best pieces you and your mini need!

  • Lindsay sources clothing from her own family and other families in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Every item is carefully inspected and must be rated pristine, excellent or very good.

  • Lindsay posts for sale “drops” of her top picks – season-right and across various sizes.

Meet the Minis:

Roy and Cora are my home base — My inspiration and motivation in creating Mini Finds. Roy made me a mom, and although he's full of "boy" energy and getting more and more into sports, he's still a mama's boy. Cora, my rainbow baby, is the sweetest, calmest, and loves all things Roy.

My joy for fashion is now rooted in my kids and in Mini Finds, a reflection of our lives and style… welcome!